There’s that saying about beating a dead horse. Some days I wonder if the saying came about before me or because of me.

Early detection of cancer is so critical to a good outcome, that I will continue to beat the horse, even though it’s dead, in hopes that a few people will get it and schedule those screening tests. Whether it is a mammogram for breast cancer, a PSA test and yes, a DRE (digital rectal exam) for prostate cancer, or a colonscopy for colon cancer, the benefits far outweigh the hassle.

Having your breast smashed or having someone stick their finger or a long probe up your rear isn’t exactly what I would ask for my birthday, but it beats finding out about cancer a little too late. There is a direct and very eye opening correlation between early and late stage colon cancer for instance.

When the difference with colon cancer 5 year survival for stage 1 (early) is 90% and for stage 4 (late) is 5%, I guess it really all comes down to how much you want to live. There are always going to be those that believe they are bomb proof and don’t care about survival rates because they truly believe that only other people get cancer. It is this group that has caused the phenomenon of women rolling their eyes just about every time a guy talks.

Guys, 1 in 6 of us will get prostate cancer before age 70. I have read more than one article that indicates that virtually all of us will have prostate cancer before we die. It’s almost like prostate cancer is a natural part of the aging process. Caught early, the survival rate is awesome. Detected late, it is simply not easy to stop.

Bottom line. Post cancer life insurance underwriting always starts with, “what was the stage and grade?” Early detection improves the treatment options and out come and is directly reflected in how your medical history will be treated when acquiring life insurance. Take the time. Make the effort. Set aside your bomb proof ego and get regular testing.