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Ahh, my morning cup of coffee! And the second one. Now we’re talking….maybe a bit too fast, but we are definitely talking. It’s fun to watch the cudos and cabashes that coffee takes. It’s a rare month that goes by when coffee isn’t credited for or blamed for something.

Most recently coffee has been lumped in with soft drinks as a problem for those with diabetes. The claim is that glucose levels go up with caffeine intake. That kind of blew my first thought. I figured they were going to dive off into those “wanna be” coffee drinkers who really don’t do anything more than turn their cup of sugar a light brown color.

But it is the caffeine in coffee, soft drinks and tea that is the culprit. While those with diabetes are looking for control, the study results don’t indicate that caffeine intake is the biggest culprit by any stretch of the imagination. The blind study used placebos interspersed with capsules that contained the caffeine equivalent of 4 cups of coffee. Two things come to mind if I am going to defend my coffee drinking habit. First, not that many people drink 4 cups a day, and second, if you take a capsule that has a 4 cup equivalent, it seems like that is more like guzzling 4 cups than having those cups over the course of a morning or a day.

Bottom line. Life insurance underwriters like to see control as measured by your fasting glucose and your hbA1c. While a heavy coffee drinker might want to consider this cautionary study, for most a lifestyle of good diet and exercise, keeping weight under control and avoiding extremes of just about anything will get you where you need to go. Life insurance rates don’t have to be off the charts as long as you are compliant with treatment and have the controlled glucose that should be the result of that.