I’ve often discussed the fact that out of the nearly 2000 companies that purport to be in the life insurance business, there are only a handful, maybe 2% that are serious about working to get you the best deal. When you throw in health issues of any consequence that probably drops to 1%.

The stock answer from the other 98% if you have had a heart attack, you have diabetes, you’ve had cancer of any type at anytime in your life, you suffer from depression or maybe bipolar disorder, or if you are a private pilot, is NO! Read their lips. You are declined. They don’t want your business. You are too risky for them. They don’t want to hear about any mitigating circumstances. Go away!

I guess what needs to be said, for the sake of all of the people that have been abused by the majority of companies, is that the other 2% are easy to find through an independent agent. It is amazing the number of cases I have seen go from a decline with one or more of the 98%, to better than standard rates and even as good as preferred plus rates.

So, what is the difference? How can two companies have such a different opinion of the same risk? It is unfortunately just a fact that the majority of companies don’t want to take the time to accurately assess the risk and they would really prefer not to have anything but perfectly healthy clients on the books.

Bottom line. If you’ve been told no, get a second opinion. Google the reason they gave you for the decline and life insurance. For instance, “bipolar disorder life insurance”, and find an independent agent who knows how to get the job done.