Having heard, in excruciating detail, the whole mammogram procedure from my wife, I can tell you that I would understand why women might be reluctant to have them done as frequently as doctors would like them to.

Breast cancer is certainly an ominous enough issue to get women to self examine and get mammograms, but I understand that some women simply choose not to do mammograms due to the discomfort. I won’t even pretend to give advice in this area, but I did want to pass on some information from Medical News Today that might help some women deal with the discomfort issue.

I only have two frames of reference for this. One woman, when explaining mammograms, used an analogy of annually being checked for leg cancer by having your toes run over by a car. All righty then!! The other frame of reference is simply a fear of mine that some day they will decide that men should be checked annually for testicular cancer, and what the heck, we already have this machine….

From a life insurance underwriting standpoint, insurance companies want to see us do as much of these types of exams as we can stand, and one thing that they absolutely insist on is that if you were told by a doctor to have a test, it has to be completed before they will offer insurance.

Bottom line. It’s better to know and catch cancer early. Whether it is breast, prostate or colon cancer, the tests aren’t comfortable, but it beats not knowing.