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OK! Most of us only feel like the fattest person in the world occasionally. And we whine when diet and exercise aren’t producing the results we really want, but are we trying hard enough?

There is no arguing that obesity is a problem, but this guy takes the cake and ate it too. Manuel Uribe from Mexico was recently noted as the officially largest man in the world, topping the scales at a whopping 1257 pounds 2 years ago. Even though bed ridden for the past five years, he has been steadily losing weight over the past two years under a doctor monitored diet and exercise program.

Without radical procedures like gastric bypass he has managed to shed 570 pounds and has set a goal of getting down to 265, one fifth of his peak weight. That kind of puts things in perspective when you are a mere 100 pounds overweight.

Admittedly this was no regular diet and exercise program. He had doctors from three countries working with him and I suspect funding from somewhere. Obviously he isn’t out making a living and I kind of doubt anyone is going to make a movie about him.

How would a life insurance underwriter look at this? Remember that large weight loss underwriting is a gradual process. There is always an assumption that rapid weight loss is temporary until proven otherwise. In Mr Uribe’s case, he still has about 400 pounds to go before he would be insurable based on normal guidelines. Most underwriters would want to see a couple of years of stability in a normal case. I suspect longer in his case just because of how dramatic the change is.

Bottom line. Just wanted to pass along a diet and exercise success story. The good news is that great rates are available for just the average overweight person.