Being a life long Rocky Mountain guy, if I were ever asked to describe depression in picture form, I would probably start with, “imagine you’re in the Northwest”… I’ve been here for a week and am suffering from lack of solar gain.

I’m told that it’s something you get used to. The sun actually did come out one day and I found it really kind of exhilerating, followed by a trampled feeling when the clouds came streaming in and swallowed it all up again. Sounds like a bipolar disorder region.

As a life insurance agent who is in love with the high mountain, small town way of life, I find it interesting that people can live in big cities, or places where the sun rarely shines, and keep it together without medication. I don’t know that I could do it.

Bottom line. Coping is what it’s called. Maybe those people who can deal with those places have better coping skills than I do. I’ll let them. I’ll keep my low coping skills safely tucked away in the mountains or on semi deserted beaches.

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