But declines happen. I’ve put together a list of the top reasons that applicants are denied coverage. We’ll start out with the first two which were covered in a post yesterday.

1. Your agent did a sloppy job. Sometimes agents slip into a habit of not wanting to ask the hard questions about your health. They just want to make you feel good, get the application and hope for the best. DECLINE!
2. You kind of don’t tell your agent the whole truth about your health, or maybe you just flat out lie in the hopes that somehow the insurance company won’t really underwrite your application. They usually do though. DECLINE!

Then there are those reasons for decline that aren’t attributable to you or me.

3. Your doctor has poo pahed some health issue and told you that, for instance, you have the heart of a 30 year old in spite of your heart attack. Doctors are famous for telling people how great they’re doing with no factual medical basis to back that up. I had a client once who was told that he was in great shape after his heart attack in spite of the fact that his ejection fraction was 25%. In layman’s terms, his heart really wasn’t pumping but rather just kind of easing the blood on down the road. Bad doctor education. DECLINE!
4. Unexpected lab results are a major reason for unexpected declines. Over the years it is amazing the number of clients we have sent off to the doctor with a declined life insurance application and a copy of their labs. Generally it shows that something has changed dramatically since the doctor last did tests, like a PSA that has elevated or it shows that maybe you should have been seeing a doctor occasionally or your cholesterol wouldn’t be in the 400 range. DECLINE!
5. Non compliance with doctor recommendations is a big one. If your doctor tells you he thinks you should have a cardiac workup and you don’t do it, no matter the reason, it won’t fly with insurance underwriters. If your doctor prescribes medication and you, not your doctor, decide that it isn’t doing what you want so you quit, again you’re grounded. If you’re not liking what your doctor tells you to do and you want life insurance, you had better find a new doctor that agrees with you or comply with your current doctor. Non compliance. DECLINE!

Bottom line. Getting approved for life insurance is a lot easier than getting declined. Think it through before you apply