Family history is one of those life insurance questions that kind of gets people on the defensive. Generally the contention revolves around the fact that the younger person claims that they live an entirely different lifestyle and therefore, whatever happened to their parents doesn’t pertain to them.

I just read an article that kind of slams the whole family history issue into context. In a family of eight men, six were diagnosed with prostate cancer within just a few years of each other.

It started with the older men, brothers, being diagnosed within a short period. It sounds like this wake up call was a call to action with the older men insisting that their sons get tested. This led to an early diagnosis of prostate cancer in three of the younger men, so far.

Bottom line. Family history is relevant. It’s not just a question on an insurance application. It is something you should know and pay attention to. Prostate cancer detected at an early stage and grade and successfully treated gets very fair underwriting treatment.