One of the key life insurance underwriting factors for just about any health or mental health issue is compliance with treatment and avoidance of other risk factors and collateral health issues.

Compliance is taking medication prescribed exactly as it’s prescribed. If you’re prescribed medication for blood pressure to be taken twice a day, take it twice a day, not just when you feel like you have high blood pressure. Compliance is about seeing your doctor as often as they need you to and taking tests that they suggest and order in a timely manner.

Compliance is about making lifestyle changes. If obesity is an issue that is driving your health problem into the danger zone, do something about it. If you’ve tried and can’t seem to make any headway, talk to your doctor about gastric bypass surgery. While there are dangers that go with the procedure, there are also dangers that go with remaining morbidly obese. If your doctor tells you to quit smoking because you have heart disease or COPD, get real about your future and quit smoking.

A study recently released showed that heart patients were literally overcoming the medication provided to lower blood pressure and cholesterol by continuing to smoke and not changing eating habits. They seem to believe that the medication will overcome their lifestyle when all evidence shows that just exactly the opposite is true.

I had an inquiry just today that stated, “I have tried to get life insurance but have run into problems I have had a mini stroke 5 years ago and I have diabetes non insulin I smoke and have mild emphysema and I have high blood pressure but it is under control with medicine. I am trying to get insurance for my family can you help?” Well, no would be the answer. Here is a person with 4 health issues, all of which are exacerbated by smoking, and they continue to smoke. I wish I could help everyone that inquires, but this person has put themselves solidly in the decline column and won’t move from there until they start taking health seriously.

The good news is that for those that do take that heart attack seriously and make the necessary life style changes and work with the medicine instead of against it, mortality prospects are good and life insurance is attainable.

Bottom line. In your quest for good life insurance rates there is simply no replacement for following doctors orders and using common sense.