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In the past I’ve gone off on the whole idea that people over age 65 or 70 should have to complete a cognitive skill test as part of a life insurance exam. It is insulting and as many times as I’ve looked at the questions, I still fail to see the relevance.

So, if you’re “elderly” and applying for life insurance and the examiner tells you that you need to complete a cognitive skills test, get in the first punch. Tell the examiner that you have an examiner cognitive skill test that is required before you allow even your family doctor to check you out. Since your exam was scheduled, you can have your computer on and tell the nurse that it should only take them two minutes. As soon as they finish you’ll be happy to do their test.

Bottom line. You may still have to put up with the test, which by the way is rapidly losing popularity for obvious reasons, but if you do you’ll get to have a little fun first.