Several years ago Cigar Aficionado ran an article on life insurance for cigar smokers. It was a poorly researched article at the time and fell well short of giving the information needed for the cigar enjoying public to get the best rates possible.

I have offered more than once to write a new article with updated and accurate information and they don’t seem to be interested. I guess they don’t see the significance in their clientele being able to, in many cases, cut their life insurance bills in half, or perhaps double their life insurance for what they are currently paying.

The issue is that with most companies cigar smokers as well as pipe smokers and tobacco chewers are all treated the same as cigarette smokers. The news is that there is at least one company out there that offers competitive non smoking rates in all three of those categories. Even with positive nicotine results on your labs. There are a handful that will offer non smoking rates no matter how much you smoke (other than cigarettes) if you have a negative nicotine lab result. There are a bunch of companies that will entertain “occasional” cigar smokers with negative nicotine, occasional being defined as anything from 4 a year to 2 a month.

Bottom line. It’s just a fact that the more affordable your life insurance is, the more likely it is to stay in force. Wake up Cigar Aficionado! The more they save on insurance the more they can spend on cigars.