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As I wrote that title it occurred to me that I might be showing my age. The advertising slogan for Prudential used to be (may still be?) “Own a piece of the rock”. Anyway, Prudential is a stand alone company when it comes to their treatment.

In an article in Cigar Aficionado a few years back they provided an overview of where cigar smokers could get the best deals. Unfortunately their source of information wasn’t horribly accurate and they wouldn’t entertain any clarification. I did post some updated information on their forum today and hopefully that will lead them to use an article to update their readers.

As recently as two years ago there were a few more companies that would entertain people who regularly smoke cigars, smoke pipes or chew tobacco, and tested positive for nicotine. The positive test is a big deal. There are actually numerous companies that allow “occasional use”, defined as anything from a cigar a week to 4 cigars a year, but if you test positive for nicotine all bets are off and you get a smoking rate.

Today Prudential stands alone as the company that will approve at non smoker rates for nicotine use other than cigarettes, even with a positive test. Any cigar smoker who is paying smoker rates through another company is paying about twice what they need to.

Bottom line. Many agents out there don’t do their homework and are just fine with you paying more than you need to. After all, more premium means more commission. Contact an independent agent today and tell them you want non smoker rates for cigar, pipe or chew use and if they don’t quote Prudential, find another agent.