How do you know if someone really cares about what they do? If they don’t stop putting the information out there, never stop trying to reach just one more person, because for my clients it’s help that is on the way. I’ve been writing in this forum for years now and this is my 2000th post about how to get a fair shake in this whole business of buying life insurance, especially when you’re not the perfect specimen or don’t fall into the perfect specimen category with some companies.

I want to use this opportunity, unlike my ridiculous 1000th post, not to shotgun key words, but to high light some of our recent break throughs and request some help in return for our social media efforts. Please remember that, archaic as it may be, it is social media in the form of this blog that brought most of you to me and helped you finally get the help you needed in life insurance. My office manager has recently set up our business Facebook page, and has asked me to not only request you visit it, but love it and leave a comment on it.

We stay busy maintaining our position on the cutting edge of life insurance underwriting for mood disorders. It would be funnier to know how successful we’ve been with Bipolar disorder and mood disorders like anxiety and depression in recent years and finding life insurance for those who have their disorders well controlled, if I hadn’t been hit square between the eyes with my own diagnosis a few months ago complication by a traumatic brain injury, but we’ll get through it. I have to. I have to be part of the testimony along with my clients. While HIV+ life insurance hasn’t taken off quickly, it’s off and we have life insurance in force on cases, not something that was true a year ago. I continue to believe we are on the cusp of a big break through with HIV. We continue strong just fixing the problems that other life insurance agents cause, in fact making a good living off of the mistakes that precede us.

Respectfully I have a hard time asking anyone to do things for me, but when you frame it like this, maybe it makes some sense. You found the help you needed. Truly there are those of you who had been declined for life insurance several times and were on the verge of giving up and we were able to help. Truly there are those that have saved tens and in some cases hundreds of thousands in premium because we were able to find that right fit of product and company for you. Truly for those who have had to use the life insurance you have found that I am not just committed to making sure you have it, but committed to making sure the claim is handled correctly and expeditiously. Sharing a brief like and comment is paying it forward in the simplest of ways. If you dig deep in to me, the guy behind the blog and behind Hinerman Group, what you find is a guy that loves what he does and shows it in every case I touch,

Bottom line. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to play a positive role in so many lives, and that when a death occurs, the families have been able to look to me to help them through the hard time. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to live in a small, wonderful community and bring money in without needing to just move money around. I’m grateful that I am able to do something I love and have a passion for and help people find the answers to their questions. What a gift. As always, if there are any questions you have or any information you need, call of email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.