easter.jpgHard to believe it’s been 15 months since my dad was diagnosed with a stage 3, grade 4 bladder cancer. When it breached the wall of his bladder and dispersed to other areas of his body, well, the medical prognosis just wasn’t that good.

When, at age 85, even though he is a physically active and strong guy, he wasn’t able to continue chemo treatments because of how compromising it was to his immune system, the prognosis, medically speaking was going down hill. What the doctors didn’t know was that my dad is a serious believer in God and had so many people praying for him, that they could have just not bothered with prognosisizing (I know that’s not a word).

Last time they checked, some of the cancer was gone and the rest of it seemed stalled in it’s tracks. My dad is feeling great and still getting out for daily walks and snow shoveling. He even hung out with the Easter bunny last week (picture above). Praise God!!!!

Bottom line. Don’t forget to include prayer to a Lord who loves you in your cancer therapy plan. The ultimate life insurance plan.