As a business person I can tell you that just the suggestion by someone that I should purchase something else to benefit my business makes me, well, underwhelmed with enthusiasm. I know the problem extends way beyond business and centers around the fact that there are 7 or 8 billion people in the world and if you count the people and computers that are selling stuff it has to be well in excess of 80 billion now. On a good day we are outnumbered by sales attempts by at least 10 to 1.

So why listen to me when I talk about personal and business life insurance and impaired risk and international high risk life insurance? Let’s start with my best calling card. You found me and I did absolutely nothing to corner you and hammer some idea down your throat so fast that you couldn’t hang up with hearing it. I didn’t call you uninvited and pretend like we have some long term relationship and you are just checking back in with me when the truth is we’ve never talked. You know what I’m talking about. I bought one stock one time 10 years ago and I still get calls that go like, “(Heavy Jersey accent)Ed! It’s Vinny, you remember me? I told you about XYZ stock last September.” ” Vinny, we’ve never talked and you know that, and you know we didn’t talk last September about a stock and because I never do business with liars so don’t call again.” So Ed, XYZ quadrupled in four days”….click, buzz………

I don’t send unsolicited mail or email and never call anyone about life insurance unless I am asked to by them. And here’s the one that still bothers the people who pretend they taught me all I know. If you say no or you’re not interested any more, I close your file and wish you all the best and I never call or email again. So, having separated myself from the 80 billion down to a few hundred life insurance agents who are ethical, professional and courteous, there’s something you should at least take a look in life insurance, if you are a CEO, business owner, business partner and with one caveat, an employee. That caveat would be that rare employee who almost has more to do with the success of the company than the actual product they offer. It could be the head of manufacturing who can get special orders out in two days then the competition takes two weeks. It might be the head of shipping and handling who has made every customer happy with your company for the last 25 years and your customers buy from you because they know it will be handled and shipped safely and quickly.

Those are key people to your business and unlike the average employee, their untimely demise could cost your company big money and lose bigger money over the period of time it takes to find a replacement. You know there are other people that good, but getting them to leave where they’re at and fill the shoes fast takes money and key person life insurance is how that’s done. CEO’s can sign off on multi million dollar deals because they have life insurance to use as collateral in case they pass away mid deal. One partner carries buy/sell business life insurance because if their partner dies they can buy out the partner’s family at a fair price without going into debt or liquidating the company. Business succession, business survival of an untimely death isn’t a given. In fact, in the absence of business life insurance it isn’t even a likelihood.

Bottom line. Business succession is important because your family stands to lose everything you’ve put a life time into making if you die without business life insurance. I’m not going to call or email you or bug you about this, but it’s valuable information and if you found it you were looking for it. If you have questions or need some idea what it would take to protect your business interests, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.