When it comes to life insurance underwriting of breast cancer, well really for any cancer, the earlier it is diagnosed the better the chances of getting good life insurance rates. But even better, it increases your chances of winning the battle.

I’ve talked often about the direct link between the stage and grade of a cancer and the outcome of life insurance underwriting. The earlier it is caught, the lower the stage and grade. Another way of stating that is that when detected early, the cancer generally hasn’t spread and hasn’t become aggressive.

An ABC News article a few days ago reviewed the American Cancer Society guidelines for early detection of breast cancer. Whether it is these guidelines that are followed for breast cancer detection, or PSA tests and physical examination of the prostate for prostate cancer, or colonoscopies for colon cancer, many opportunities to catch cancer before it becomes deadly are just not pursued. They should be.

Bottom line. If you don’t care about life insurance rates, be proactive about early detection of cancer to save your life. Your family will appreciate it.

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