My wife and I are off to spend the weekend with my mom in Wyoming. For the first time this spring it appears there won’t be a major winter storm in between us. Happy Mothers Day!

It is my mom’s own fight with breast cancer that has renewed my optimism for the future of how life insurance underwriters view breast cancer. Her cancer was detected about a year ago, an early detection because even at age 84 she takes advantage of self exams, doctor exams and mammograms, the tools of early detection.

It is the key, early detection, to finding the cancer at a stage where it is still ultimately beatable. Even though her cancer had spread from the tumor in her right breast to some lymph nodes under her right arm, it was all surgically removed and after chemo and radiation, all of her checkups have been good. She is probably as optimistic at 85 as I have seen her in years.

For life insurance purposes, if she was in that market at all, she would still be waiting to be 1 year out from treatment, but given the pathology of her cancer she would likely receive very fair offers at that point. Our success in helping with women with a history of breast cancer has been an exciting combination of early detection, more pin pointed treatment and fairer underwriting all coming to bear at one time.

Bottom line. Don’t let that history of breast cancer keep you from applying through a knowledgeable independent agent. This is not the underwriting world of 10 years ago just as it isn’t the diagnosis and treatment world of 10 years ago.