It seems to me of all the major cancers, being the second most common among men, prostate cancer has been a hot bed of breakthroughs and I believe (the world according to Ed) will be the first major cancer that will be rendered null by scientific research.

Today more good news came to the subject. It turns out that a common prescription medicine for treating an enlarged prostate, and a major supporter of some of my favorite TV shows, Avodart, has shown great results in keeping prostate cancer at bay.

With prostate cancer already being one of the most insurable post treatment cancers, knocking a quarter of the cases completely out of the loop can be deemed as nothing short of great news. The way I see it is the lower the risk of getting the cancer, the better the mortality experience and ultimately the lower the life insurance rates.

Just to recap some of the criteria that lead to the best possible, standard or better, rates with a history of prostate cancer, they begin with a diagnosis level PSA of 10 or less. One of the most important factors is the grade of the cancer and for the best rates it should be a Gleason grade 6 or lower. Depending on the treatment, with a prostatectomy the post treatment PSA should be 0. With a seed implant a stable reading below .5 is the benchmark.

Bottom line. Any day there is good news about any cancer is, well, a very good day indeed.