I read a list of lifestyle choices today that, if most of us instituted them in our lives, would probably make positive changes. Oddly enough, the list came from Bipolar.com, an excellent site for those with bipolar or those living with someone who has bipolar disorder.

Balance and stability, as I’ve mentioned in several posts, are the key to good life insurance rates for those with bipolar disorder and those who suffer from anxiety and depression. What caught my attention was that those things that someone with bipolar needs to do to achieve balance are things that each of us could benefit from.

No, I’m not suggesting that we all start taking lithium, although whenever I have to visit a big city I come away convinced that they might have a better quality of life with some amount of lithium in the drinking supply. A kinder, friendlier sort of big city you know.

Bottom line. Taking control of the disorder and structuring your treatment and life style such that stability and balance naturally follow are the keys to a better life and also to affordable life insurance rates.