We certainly have our good days and our bad days in helping those with bipolar disorder obtain life insurance. Fortunately the good does outweigh the bad. I think we do need to throw a reality check water balloon on this party though.

I have often mentioned that one of the most critical components of putting together a successful quest for life insurance if you are bipolar is that you have to be able to demonstrate a stable life, both work and personal.

What I am going to say here is very critical, so please, if you are considering applying for life insurance…..understand that just telling me your life is stable isn’t going to get an approval on your life insurance. What you tell me has to match up with what’s in your medical records, psychiatrist’s reports, etc. Your stability has to be real and we have to be able to back it up.

We have helped so many people, from homemakers to CEO’s, all with bipolar disorder and each of those we have been successful in helping has one thing in common, brutal honesty. It isn’t easy to talk about the things that aren’t right in our lives and as Americans I think we are somewhat prone to putting a bit of spin on how we present ourselves.

As an independent agent I am armed to the teeth to be able to pull off approvals that can’t be found elsewhere, but our exchange of information has to be an absolute no spin zone.

Bottom line. Whether it is bipolar disorder or cancer, the end result in underwriting is going to come from your medical records. I end first interviews with potential clients by asking if there is anything that I haven’t covered that might show up in their medical records. A last attempt to make sure we have everything we need and there are no hidden gems.