If it wasn’t such a great success story I would probably just quit talking about it, but we have already been able to help more people with bipolar disorder in the first quarter of this year than we did all last year. The word is getting out.

A client who recently put a policy in force wrote, “As a professional who has a serious but manageable mental illness, I struggled to find life insurance. I worried about the devastating financial
impact my death would have on a young family. After years of frustration, I found the Hinerman Group. With their help, a bipolar diagnosis didn’t mean an automatic denial. I now have the security and peace-of-mind of a quarter million dollar policy.”

We’ve been able to work with some of the best underwriters in the business to develop criteria that separate out acceptable from unacceptable risks for the insurance companies. The underwriters were aware that one mortality risk size did not fit all people with bipolar disorder, but they had never clearly defined what to them demonstrated good control. The past two years have brought us to this list and we will continue to refine it.

1. Someone who has not been hospitalized for bipolar disorder other than for diagnosis?
2. Someone who has not attempted suicide or had bouts with suicidal ideations?
3. Someone who is compliant with their treatment, both medications and regular followups?
4. Someone who is leading a stable family life or social life?
5. Someone who is exhibiting a stable work life?
6. Someone who is not on disability for bipolar and does not have issues with drinking or drugs? If there’s a problem here, then the answers to 3, 4 and 5 are no.

What we’re finding out is that this list includes a large percentage of the total population with bipolar. What we’re finding out is that many of the best creative minds of the day have well controlled bipolar disorder.

Bottom line. What we’re finding out is that life insurance companies are learning to say yes where historically they have had a knee jerk reaction and quickly said no.