After episode 3’s relatively low weight loss, except for the red team, weight starting falliing off again. Again, my goal with this blog is not to talk about the drama of the game, but rather the health and life insurance aspects of weight loss. With each weigh in I recompute life insurance quotes based on the new weights.

It is important to note that a person can have a fairly substantial weight loss and not gain any ground on insurance rates. This is because of the spread between rate classes according to the build charts. That happened to several this week. I suspect that next week they will jump to a better rate class as several were very close.

My disclaimer. There is an assumption as I provide quotes that there are no underlying health issues. Because insurance companies reward long term weight loss, there will be an assumption that the weight loss has been kept off for more than a year. All life insurance quotes are for $250,000 of 20 year term insurance. I will be using the company that will make the best offer at any given height and weight. All quotes will be yearly premiums.

Blue team

Kae – 27, 5’2, Start 225#, now 191 – Start quote $310.00, still $225.00

Neil – 25, 6’2, Start 421#, now 375 – Start quote $560.00, still $441.00

Nicole, 26, 5’6, Start 279#, now 258 – Start quote $344.00, still $310.00

Ryan, 29, 5’10, Start 374#, now 341 – Start quote $610.00, still $544.00

Red Team

Amy, 28, 5’6, Start 297#, now 278 – Start quote $413.00, still $413.00

Bryan, 29, 6’0, Start 346#, now 319 – Start quote $544.00, still $430.00

David, 31, 6’0, Start 368#, now 337 – Start quote $622.00, still $580.00

Phil, 27, 6’5, Start 403#, now 358 – Start quote $513.00, now $318.00

Black Team

Bill, 40, 5’8, Start 334#, now 285 – Start quote $912.00, now $675.00

Hollie, 28, 5’7, Start 255#, now 236 – Quote $319.00, still $225.00

Isabeau, 21, 5’8, Start 298#, now 272 – Start quote $344.00, now $300.00

Jez, 24, 5’8, Start 345#, now 308 – Start quote $570.00, now $448.00

Jim, 40, 5’7, Start 361#, now 314 – Start quote $1148.00, now $911.00

Julie, 34, 5’2, Start 218#, now 205 – Start quote $388.00, now $250.00

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had an email from the show’s medical director sharing my frustration that this cash cow of a show can’t spare a few minutes each episode to discuss the collateral health issues of obesity. Dr Kern is doing the job she is directed to do, but clearly not the job she would like to be doing from an education standpoint.

Bottom line. Dropping those pounds makes a difference in life insurance rates, but more importantly, with each weight loss, comes a better chance at living a longer, healthier life.

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