Yes, I know I’m a week behind on tracking the Biggest Loser stats, and I promise to have all the new numbers posted before tomorrow’s show.

I have been attempting to reach someone connected to the NBC Biggest Loser reality weight loss show concerning their lack of medical information related to obesity. I’ve been hitting a brick wall each time I suggest that it’s a real shame to waste the opportunity to reach millions with relevant information about obesity and it’s sidekicks, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

I worked hard to avoid sounding greedy. I suggested that 5 minutes on each two hour show to allow their medical specialist, Dr Jen Kerns, was simply not too much. If it happened to be the message that hit home for someone and changed another life, saved another life, it should be done.

I emailed Dr Kerns with that plea and at least I got a response. Not what I wanted to hear, but “Ed, wish I had creative control over the show — you’re preaching to the choir!!!”. At least I’m not alone in believing that reality TV could look beyond the obvious and offer an occasional educational moment.

Bottom line. The impact of obesity on lives and life insurance premiums is, well, huge. The more we can do to make people understand that it isn’t just the extra pounds you carry around that are the problem, but the damage…..and death that those extra pounds can cause, the more productive our impact will be.