There are times when diet and exercise just never seem to accomplish what’s needed. There are times when morbid obesity becomes life threatening and a radical approach to control the situation is needed.

Bariatric surgery, mostly commonly gastric bypass or lap band surgery, is that radical last choice. When things have gotten so out of control that the obesity is causing other health issues, radical becomes necessary. The good news is that bariatric surgery appears to have a direct positive impact on mortality experience.

I think most would agree that gaining control of weight through diet and exercise is preferable, but when dealing with extreme obesity, the ability to exercise is substantially crippled by the weight and dieting is often a slow arduous undertaking that fails when frustration sets in. With bariatric surgery the diet scenario is removed and the weight loss is dramatic enough that getting down to a weight where exercise is more plausible, happens very quickly.

At that point, keeping control of the vastly improved situation with a regular exercise program becomes far more likely.

Bottom line. Bariatric surgery is never recommended unless obesity is simply out of control. If the surgery can help avoid or control diabetes or heart disease, it can ensure the return of a quality of life that had been lost. When health improves and weight is controlled, life insurance becomes far more affordable. Do keep in mind that for most companies a 1-2 year period of weight stability after surgery is needed before they will accept the weight loss as permanent and give full underwriting favor to the new you.