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I recently shopped a term insurance case where the results were spread all over the spectrum of responses. Several companies declined to make offers. Some would only say highly rated at best.

This was a case where a 39 year old woman had a superior mesenteric artery dissection. Layman’s terms. A rip in the mesenteric artery. It’s rare and the votes on how to treat it are still out.

In the case of my client she was treated medically with Coumadin and the dissection resolved itself. She is no longer on Coumadin. The non invasive route worked for her.

Banner Life had originally quoted a table 2 rate, 50% above their standard plus rate, and compared to all of the other trial offers they seemed the lone voice of reason. We just got the approval today and they actually knocked off the 2 tables and approved the case at standard plus. In this case hats off to a company that didn’t run screaming into the dark because it wasn’t an average case and double kudos to the underwriter who made the right decision after a review of the records.

Bottom line. This is exactly the kind of case that can end up in disaster if it ends up sent to the wrong company. If the agent doesn’t do their homework it’s headed for the dumpster. Remember, if your agent can’t intelligently discuss your medical condition with you, chances are that they will not be able to present it well on an application. Right agent, right company, success.