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We’ve talked on a number of occasions about the dreaded abnormal ekg and how doctors and underwriters can have completely different takes on the abnormality, and actually both of them be right,

I came across one of the best and most humorous explanations of the most common blips on ekgs. Viewed through this lens you can see why a life insurance underwriter might be a little gun shy when, say, a left bundle branch block shows up on an insurance exam.

Often the abnormality, whether a LBBB or arrythmia, is ultimately not a big issue from a life insurance point of view. It’s really a matter of making sure that the proposed insured is aware of the condition and that it has been checked out and is being monitored by a doctor. If a client was not aware of the condition, generally the approval would be postponed until the client has a full cardiac workup.

Bottom line. Most ekg abnormalities are insurable but you will find that most underwriters will approach with caution. If you are told that the abnormality means you not insurable then it is likely a case of wrong agent/wrong company. Seek the assistance of a knowledgeable independent agent with access to a broader range of underwriting options.