Wanted. 60+ year old type 2 diabetic. Diagnosed in last 5 years. Good control with A1c 7.0 or better. No complications. You have won the prize.

I’ve been working with the diabetes community for a long time and never thought I would be able to announce that a company would offer their best rate class for someone with diabetes. Hello! Three approvals later I am ready to call this more than just an anomaly. It is a genuine breakthrough and the word needs to get out.

This highly rated company really means it and they aren’t pulling any bait and switch games. They have studied the mortality risk in this group and are convinced that it is no worse than a person the same age with no health issues. This is bigger than huge, cutting the potential cost for life insurance more than in half compared to what used to be the best case. For some in this category these rates could end up being a third or a quarter of what you’re being quoted through other companies.

The even better news here is that with this breakthrough underwriting, there is hope that further mortality studies will open up even more opportunity.

Bottom line. If you fall into this category and need life insurance or need to replace overpriced insurance you have in force, don’t wait. If you know someone in this group, get the word to them. Preferred Best rates! It just doesn’t get any better.