It’s been literally days since I’ve popped a gasket and spewed my lack of respect for AARP all over the place, but they just mailed and want me to renew my membership. Obviously they must think there are two of us out here and their mail is going to the good one, not the evil one.

The last time I got one of their newsletters I it sent me sputtering through the office over watering plants and counting the herd of chickens in the back yard over and over again. My staff is under orders not to have me committed as long as I stay within certain boundaries. But, as you can see, AARP had one of its’ attorneys going off on organizations that change the rules on us elderly folks just when we get to the point where we really need to rely on them.

Shame on those companies and double shame on AARP for doing exactly the same thing and bad mouthing it as if they were pure as the driven snow. Just when I was about over that I got this offer to renew as a member and have access to such things as their term insurance and whole life programs. Well, there went another gasket.

If there is a polite way to say that an organization that touts itself as an advocate, but blatantly offers terrible products at terrible prices, I haven’t found it. Hiding behind New York Life’s skirts doesn’t change the fact that AARP and New York Life have partnered to provide some of the worst products imaginable to folks that due to their age and their money constraints really need someone to stand up for them and give them the best the industry has to offer.

Bottom line. If you are considering buying life insurance through AARP, don’t do it. Even a quick bit of shopping will make it clear that you were about to jump off a cliff with no safety line.