Whether it type 1 diabetes and your choice of insulin types, or type 2 diabetes and your choice of the 5000 oral medications on the market, all anyone with diabetes is looking for is a way to take the stress off their body.

In a post yesterday, Allie Beatty wondered out loud (that is the only way she wonders), why doctors aren’t suggesting vitamins and other natural supplements at the very least, along with the prescribed medication.

I think she makes an excellent point. Whether it is diabetes, heart disease or cancer, adding vitamins and natural supplements certainly isn’t going to hurt. Since they have proven benefits for perfectly healthy people, they are bound to have even more benefits for people who’s bodies are struggling to fight off a disease.

Bottom line. Life insurance underwriters may not be impressed with the fact that you take vitamins, but if you happen to be healthier than someone else with the same disease, they will reward that.