There is probably no better feeling for me (and my clients) than turning their previous experience of being declined for life insurance into an approval for the insurance that they want for their family. For those who have been declined, it’s the same feeling as asking someone out on a date and being turned down.

When the next chance comes along, rejection is fresh in your memory and it’s a little hard to take the plunge again. But when that approval does come through, well, home run, fireworks, Acceptance with a capital A.

We were just able to help a man who has bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder get approved at an affordable rate after Erie Life had declined him just a few months ago. As we’ve discussed so often, there are companies that seem to have their own emotional disorders when it comes to underwriting emotional disorders. The word bipolar sends them screaming into the dark without even a cursory investigation to see if the person might be one of the large percentage of very functional and stable bipolar candidates for life insurance.

Because we are very clear up front about what it takes to get approved and because we ask and answer all the questions that surround an application for someone with depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety, our batting average is pretty good. That is not to say that we get life insurance for everyone who wants it, but we are able to right the ship for many who have previously applied with the wrong company or through the wrong agent.

Bottom line. There is no magic to getting life insurance if you are young, healthy and have never had a health or mental issue. But, if you are in the majority you should seek the help of a knowledgeable independent agent and save yourself from the unpleasant experience of rejection.