The news really does keep getting better and better when it comes to well controlled, stable bipolar leading to good life insurance rates. I just placed a case with a woman who was actually approved at a better rate than we had applied for.

Part of the reason for her better than successful result was a letter that her doctor forwarded with her medical records. She said it was OK to share that letter to lend some credence to what I’ve been preaching as the criteria for good life insurance rates.

Remember, not all people with bipolar are going to get good results, but meeting the following criteria should get you there.

1. No hospitalization for bipolar in the last 10 years other than for diagnosis purposes.
2. No suicide attempts
3. Compliant and stable on treatment. Preferably a period of stability on current medication.
4. A stable family and work life.
5. You can’t be on disability for bipolar (that would obviously cancel out number 4)

Her doctor wrote: “My client has been under the care of our office since 2001 for treatment of bipolar disorder and psychotherapy. Her medications tried over the past seven years have been Lamictal, Topamax and Lithium carbonate. Currently she is on Lamictal 700 mg per day. During all this time her mental status has shown her to be alert and oriented, memory intact, thinking logical and goal-directed, mood and affect appropriate, no psychotic symptomatology and no suicidal tendencies.

When last seen on January 11 her mental status was completely within normal range and she had no side effect to the medication. She had adequate insight, judgment, orientation, mood, affect and thinking processes.” Sincerely……..

Bottom line. Her actual records would have gotten her standard rates, a home run to someone who had been told no several times. With her doctor’s glowing report she got standard plus rates, a bases loaded home run, or a hole in one or just awesome.