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I recently wanted to share some thoughts on a diabetes issue concerning a blog I read on the American Diabetes Association website. Diabetes and getting fair treatment on life insurance for those that suffer from it has been a passion of mine for at least the past 10 years.

People with diabetes can run into some real problems finding life insurance. There is a real need for an advocate in this area and I have tried to fill that void. So, when I see an opportunity to share knowledge that I know needs to be shared, I jump on it.

So, I shared this bit of knowledge on the ADA message board. Just like these blogs and other blogs where I offer comments, I don’t sell life insurance. I don’t give people my phone number. I don’t tell them to buy from me. I just offer the information and figure if it helps someone, well, what goes around comes around.

The day after I offered my comment on the ADA message board I got an email from the “monitor” of the message board saying that he had deleted my comment and that I was “despicable” for have tried to use the ADA to sell life insurance. He ranted and raved in his email and called me everything but honorable. I called him and he didn’t back off even though I pointed out that there wasn’t any attempt to sell anything in my comment.

So, that was my first experience with the ADA as an advocacy group. Then I decided to spend some time on their website and see, if they aren’t going to allow input from me concerning life insurance, just what they offer for education or links to their constituents. You go to their website and if you find something, let me know.

The answer is absolutely nothing. They would appear to, “frankly my dear not give a hoot” about whether you ever get life insurance protection for your family or not.

Bottom line. I now would add the ADA to my list of under achievers in the advocacy department, along with AARP for us old folks, AOPA for private pilots, and on and on. When did it go out of fashion to just help people?