My wife was telling me the other day about a man in our church who had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week. He’s 40 something years old. I know that most type a diabetes onset is in early years, generally under 25, with the majority of it under age 15.

I also know that adult onset type 1 isn’t an unheard of thing. In fact I posted a blog not too long ago on type 1.5 LADA, essentially adult onset type 1 juvenile diabetes. It isn’t a take off on type 2. It is truly an insulin dependent late onset mutation. Anyway, we talked about the fact that we were able to find several reasonable life insurance offers on the case that brought 1.5 to my attention.

But where I was going with this has to do with the size of town I live in, about 6,000 people. Apparently last week our church friend was one of 10 people in our town that were diagnosed with adult onset type 1. I think, statistically speaking, that number is off the charts.

Bottom line. I hope to be able to interview the doctor (they were all seen by the same doctor) and get his take on how that could happen. Stay tuned.