I follow Adam Aircraft with particular interest because their planes are built not too far from here in Colorado and also because George Adam is a life insurance client of mine from a time when we (Bill Fanning from the Pilot Insurance Center assisted me)  had to fight the insurance companies to accept him at preferred rates even though his, at the time A500, was still experimental.

With the A500 now certified with the FAA and the A700 on something of a fast track for certification, it is safe to say that Adam Aircraft is over that experimental stigma and hump.

Life insurance companies have long had a hang up about experimental and homebuilt aircraft often rating their owners as if they were bush pilots. While the homebuilt planes have not made much gain, factory built aircraft, even though not yet certified, have been getting a little fairer treatment as long as they have shown consistent reliability and are working diligently toward certification.

It seems from an underwriting standpoint that insurance companies are finally recognizing that certification, or lack of, is on a time frame that is simply not controlled by the aircraft manufacturer. This had left many, like Adam Aircraft, in a category that really didn’t reflect the quality level and safety of the airplanes.

Bottom line. Using an independent life insurance agent who understands the challenges that private pilots face can be rewarded with rates that are far better than industry average. While the average agent might come through with average treatment for pilots, preferred and preferred plus rates are available if your agent knows where to go.