I have to admit that I very seldom approach a new year with pessimism, but it’s also pretty rare form me to start talking about my optimism when the new year is still a month away. I believe 2011 is going to be a breakthrough, breakaway, record breaking year for Hinerman Group and its’ life insurance clients.

2010 has been a year of building new bridges to good rates for those clients with the toughest health, mental and avocation challenges. Part of that has been fine tuning our ability to reach more people in need of help. Hinerman Group is in the final stages of rejuvenating a website that, well, wasn’t doing a good job for our clients. We still have some work to do, but by next month we should have a very informative, user friendly site. It is our goal to find those who have had a bad experience in trying to acquire life insurance and turn that around for everyone we can.

It’s been another great year for helping those with mood disorders. In the past we have focused primarily on bipolar disorder and while it remains a primary focus, we’re finding more and more that virtually all of the mood disorders are being abused by the majority of companies. I can’t even begin to explain how it bewilders me when an insurance company will rate up or decline a young doctor or attorney because they took anti anxiety medication during residency or as they prepared for the bar exam. These are people who have been through some of the most stressful school experiences there are and reached out for a little help during the peak of it. They now, because of their professions and income, need millions of dollars of insurance and can’t afford to have companies jacking them around for a non event in the past.

Depression has received the same treatment from most companies. I can tell you that it particularly ticks me off that companies will rate someone for situational depression when they’ve lost their job, lost a business or had a family member commit suicide during this last 3 year stretch in our country’s history. Give me, no, give them a break. Unless there was a suicide attempt I don’t think situational depression should be any more rateable than slightly elevated or treated cholesterol. Why penalize someone for taking care of a problem before it gets out of control?

I’m very excited about the new underwriting looks we’re getting with type 1 diabetes. We’ve been able to get a fair hearing for type 2 diabetes for quite some time and that continues to improve, but type 1 has been a tough nut to crack. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve got some aggressive underwriters on our side now and I expect to see the success of 2010 explode in 2011 in two groups in particular. The first is with juvenile onset diabetes with people in their 30’s and 40’s have have excellent control and so far no collateral health issues. The second group is with adult onset type 1. We’re seeing underwriting coming closer to type 2 diabetes with adult onset. Not there yet, but close enough to get excited about.

Bottom line. Plenty to get excited about. I see 2011 as a year of breaking more molds and brightening more futures.