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On my soapbox again. I have commented frequently on what I consider to be a shortcoming with the majority of doctors, their lack of attempt to educate their patients on their condition and how to pro actively take care of themselves.

Some of the most poignant examples were a client who was not told to quit smoking after a heart attack and another who was not told that weighing 290#’s at 5’10 was an issue after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. What are these doctors thinking? These people don’t just need pills, they need advice.

As patients we are left to demand that our doctors do their job, or blow them off as incompetent and self educate. I found an interesting article by a doctor who seems to share my feelings on the matter. It’s an in your MD face guide to what to do after a heart attack.

I am considering following his lead and coming up with similar guides for a number of other health issues where doctors really seem to consistently drop the ball and send their patients back out into the world inadequately prepared to get on with life bearing their new burden.

Bottom line. When a patient has an event such as a heart attack, or is diagnosed with something like diabetes, having a plan, a good, aggressive, proactive plan will help them recover quicker and avoid further complications. This is the type of person that will find they are rewarded by fair treatment from life insurance companies. Push your doctor to provide you with all the information it takes to get your life back on track.