Some days I think I’m the only person on the planet that has yet to do a study or a survey. I’m not talking about participating in one, but actually creating and compiling the data.

Some seem a bit more credible than others. One I read today came to kind of an oxymoronic (spell check really hates that word) conclusion.

Their claim is that exercise is more important in preventing or controlling diabetes than weight loss. If a person is exercising to the extent that they recommend, one hour per day, and watching their diet at all, they should be losing weight. If they are losing weight and exercising, what event gets to claim credit for the healthier person?

The only way I can see this study gaining any validity is if they only use compensators in their study. In a post a few days ago we discussed a compensator as someone who strikes a balance between exercise calories burned and caloric intake. In this manner they are able to exercise to their heart’s delight without losing (or gaining) any weight. I confessed to being one of them.

So, to come to the conclusion that exercise is more important than weight loss perhaps you really need two groups. Compensators for one focus and dieters for the opposing focus. Dieters would not be allowed to cheat with exercise. Anyway, enough beating up on the “study”.

Bottom line. Whether it is exercise, weight loss, medication or a combination of any of those that brings your diabetes under control, the good news is that controlled diabetes will keep you healthy and living longer and, of course, will provide you with the opportunity to get better than standard rates for your life insurance.