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Other than the fact that you can get good news about bipolar and life insurance from my blog most anyday, there aren’t a lot of folks spreading good news about bipolar.

A recent University of Pittsburgh study has shed some light on the use of light boxes as a supplement to treatment for the depression side of bipolar. While there are many effective treatments for the manic side, the depression phase can last much longer, sometimes seemingly staying in place.

The basis for the study came from the fact that bipolar disorder has been noted to be effected by ambient outdoor light and seasonal changes. The light boxes used in this study are not unlike the light box used by the sheriff on the TV show Men In Trees. In that case, in Alaska, the light is used to offset the lack of natural light through the winter months.

Anyway, just a bit of interesting news on the subject. I am working another bipolar II case right now and getting great offers on the life insurance needed. The key, as always is compliance with treatment and a stable life. We have successfully placed a number of cases at rates classes better than standard and as good as preferred plus.

Bottom line. The other light in your life ought to be an independent life insurance agent who understands your issues and how to present them to the correct companies. Good rates are there if you have a handle on your bipolar challenge.