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It’s really as simple as this. Is your life insurance agent driven solely by the money he will make from the sale, or is there something larger and more important? Is, perhaps, your life insurance agent driven by a passion for what life insurance is all about and because of that passion, driven to do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the opportunity to own some and offer your family the kind of protection that can only come from life insurance?

God has blessed me with the ability to support my family in the life insurance business and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. He has also blessed me with the opportunity and the ability to serve those who haven’t had such an easy go of things when it comes to their health or chances of getting life insurance.

There is a predominant mindset in the business easy is better. I’ve seen so many cases where, with some extra work and effort on the part of an agent, they could have helped a client secure the life insurance they sought, but it was easier to just walk away, or worse, to tell the person that they were uninsurable. At the very least it would be a feather in the hat of the industry if agents were taught how to refer clients in the right direction if they truly don’t know how to help them.

Bottom line. If you are young and healthy with a good family history, any agent can take your money and provide you life insurance. If you have or have had health issues such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or depression, seek out an independent agent who knows what to ask and where to go to serve your needs.