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Just yesterday I posted some guidelines on what it takes to get good life insurance rates if you have diabetes. Today I read a sometimes funny and sometimes poignant take on life with type 2 diabetes on

I have a true appreciation for those who can keep a sense of humor while dealing with a chronic illness. My Dad inspired me so with that very thing in the last two years of his life, finding something to laugh about right up to the end as he battled bladder cancer.

This take on type 2 diabetes really had some deep thoughts. Called “25 things about having type 2 diabetes”, it starts out with an all too common thread for most of our lives. 1. “Most of the time I’ve had type 2 diabetes I’ve been in denial.” Number 13 was a lesson in genetics, “I really, really miss eating chocolate chip ice cream, French bread, and spaghetti alla carbonara. I know people say that those with type 2 diabetes can eat all three in moderation, but I lack the moderate gene.”

All in all a good read and a good lesson in human nature in the face of diabetes.

Bottom line. A lot of things in life can be made less burdensome by a good attitude.