It always amazes me the way men proclaim how many years it’s been since they’ve seen a doctor and say it like they’re proud, like it’s a badge of honor to ignore your health.

I’ve been working on a life insurance application for a local guy, my age mid 50’s, who fits into that category. Bragged when we were completing the application that he doesn’t have a doctor. I asked him when he last seen one for anything and he said “maybe 8 or 9 years ago for a cut on his finger that got infected”. I asked if he had ever been to a health fair so he could make sure his labs, things like his PSA were OK and he said he didn’t believe in lab results, so no.

He applied for preferred plus rates and was approved at standard rates due to his cholesterol being far too high and hdl far too low. When I went by this morning to discuss a possible course of action he let me know his thoughts about cholesterol (bunch of bull) and insurance companies (cheaters, swindlers, look for any way to raise rates).

This is so typical with men that it almost makes me want to buy them one way tickets to Trinidad for sex changes so they won’t be giving men a bad name anymore.

But it’s all the fault of the insurance companies! They have some kind of scam going where if they find an idiot that hasn’t been taking care of himself they sneak some sick blood into his labs to teach him a lesson. It is astounding the number of boneheads like this that get diagnosed with significant health issues because they slip up and do an insurance exam.

Bottom line. There is no honor in ignoring your health. It’s simply the wrong thing to do, if not for yourself, for your loved ones.