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Another one of those times like for me, JFK’s death, when you absolutely remember where you were and how it felt when you heard the news. Our prayers continue to go out to every family affected by the events that day.

I remember getting a call about a week after from a woman whose husband had made it out of one the towers alive and he didn’t have life insurance. If it had not been for 9/11 and her husband’s brush with death that day she admits that she might never have given any thought to the fact that he might die unexpectedly. She probably never would have brought up the subject of life insurance.

But now she was convinced that immortality, at least here on earth, is not one of the promises we can bank on. Her husband was a smoker so we were able to get him $250,000 in coverage and stay within their budget. She planned on increasing that at some point when they could afford to. But at least they had some protection.

A year and half later he died of lung cancer. They never did get a chance to buy more life insurance, but at least it was enough for her to start over.

Bottom line. 9/11 was a wake up call in so many different ways to so many people. Never forget whatever your lesson was that day.