Here I go again! The truth is that affordable life insurance is out there for those with diabetes, but the life insurance underwriter mantra, “monitoring, compliance and control”. Oops, that’s just 3.

I just read an article on 7 steps for good diabetes care, and the truth is that adding the other 4 to my 3 will certainly increase your chances of acquiring the family protection you need at prices that will work with your budget.

The real jewel in this article about diabetes is that whether you have diabetes or not, you can benefit from the advice. Their 7 steps….

  1. Healthy Eating – Can’t you just hear your mother now? But the truth is that we live in a world full a mostly bad choices. Making the right choices can prevent health problems.
  2. Being active – This is a tough step if you lulled yourself into a lethargic lifestyle, but start small. Walk around the block once a day this week. Next week add a day with two blocks instead of one. The biggest problem with being active is the first step out the door.
  3. Monitoring – For someone with diabetes this refers to glucose. For everyone it should include an annual checkup. Remember, health fairs are free!!
  4. Taking medication – If you don’t need medication, eat proactive foods. I’m looking at an issue of The People’s Pharmacy that says that cherries, grapes and pomegranates are good for prevention of heart disease.
  5. Problem solving – Developing problem solving skills that decrease stress is certainly a healthy direction.
  6. Reducing risks – Not walking out in front of buses is good! It seems to me that 1-5 above are also a good start.
  7. Healthy coping – It’s a busy, crazy world out there, and whether you are coping with diabetes or children or rush hour traffic, finding healthy ways to deal with the anxiety and stress should be at the top of your to do list.

Bottom line. Having a plan in place for your health will be the same as having a plan in place to make sure your life insurance remains affordable.