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1. Lie to the agent about a significant health issue! Life insurance companies are going to obtain your medical records and when they find out they’ve been lied to, they don’t want your business.

2. Don’t do what your doctor recommends! Your application will be automatically declined if you have not completed a test or procedure that your doctor recommends. Occasionally they will just postpone the application until you complete what you were asked to do.

3. Don’t comply with doctor ordered treatment! If your doctor prescribes medication and you decide you don’t want to take it anymore, make sure your doctor concurs or is at least aware of it. If meds are prescribed in your medical records and you aren’t taking them, you are declined.

4. Don’t see a doctor at all! Most companies will not accept an application on someone over 50 who has not seen a doctor in the last two years.

5. Cross out something on the application! Occasionally someone will decide that they are authorizing the company too much for their own comfort, so they will just cross out what they don’t like. End of application. You apply for insurance, you play by their rules.

6. Don’t answer questions from the underwriters once an application is in process! Often people decide they don’t need to participate once the application is in process and they don’t respond to an agent when they call with a question. No answer to the question. No insurance policy.

This post is somewhat dated. Life insurance underwriting is changing and evolving continually. For more updated information check out some of the key word links. If you have a specific question or topic you need information for do a search. If you don’t find the answers you need contact me and we’ll make sure you get the information that is important to you.