Ah, but for the immortal! I’ve long picked on men for their “it won’t get me” attitude when the statistics show differently, but while women do live a bit longer on average, I still wouldn’t take those odds. 1 in 6 men and 1 in 9 women will die between the ages of 25 and 64.

I’m sure there must be a certain “beat the system smugness” if you don’t buy life insurance and your assets grow to the point of self insurance. Didn’t have to spend that money! But ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t a system where attempting to beat the system and making the wrong assumption is very forgiving. Life insurance is very affordable these days and the money you would save over the years where you have real responsibility pales in the face of the burden you impose on your surviving family if you die prematurely.

If you’re married and especially if you have children, you know that trust is at the core of a successful marriage and tops the list in the parenting column as well. Whether you’ve been brave enough to discuss it or not, your spouse and your children trust that you would never intentionally let them down. All of us who are married and have children know how it can rock the boat when we fail at something small. That is the result of inadvertently dropping a rock in the trust pond.

Never mind life insurance for a minute. If you die prematurely kids feel abandoned. You left them when you promised you would always be there for them. Your spouse will go through the same feelings, just more on an adult level. Now add in the fact that you broke that promise and also left them without a replacement for your income and a way to pay the mortgage, or a way to dream of college, or a way to have fun on a vacation.

Bottom line. Responsibility is a tough thing. We seem born to think about ourselves first and it is an adjustment to actually put the welfare of someone else first, but that’s life.