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Complete the online life insurance quote questionnaire request form, and return it by selecting the submit button below. If we need to shop for the best rate we will let you know. That generally takes 2-3 days.

  • Current Life Insurance in Force
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  • Details (Please be very specific about information provided. Understand that the formal application will include a review of your medical records and if necessary the records from anyone your primary care doctor has referred you to. The best way to put this is let’s get all of the information on the table now and that will help ensure a more accurate quote).
  • *****This is NOT an application for life insurance. The following is to be used as a qualifying tool. This is not a promise of insurance.

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Life Insurance can be overwhelming, particularly when you have been rated or declined. Do not let that stop you from protecting what you have built and your family. The Hinerman Group blog is a wonderful resources to educate yourself about the ins and outs of Life Insurance and the industry in general. If you have more questions after reading the blog be sure to contact Ed directly.

Want to talk? Call Ed directly at (719) 539-7914 for a FREE CONSULTATION. *Ed released the fish and it went on to have a full life.


My 20 years of experience gives me the knowledge and leverage to find reasonably priced Life Insurance for people who have been declined or are paying more than they need to.

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