Please understand that I’m not mad about USAA’s underwriting. They are a great source of business for me because they consistently quote preferred plus life insurance rates for people with minor mood disorders such as ADD, ADHD, and situational anxiety and depression, and then approving them at standard rates, double what the client was expecting. That ticks off life insurance customers and they look on line and find out that USAA is not the go to company for any kind of impaired risk underwriting.

So, I broach this subject not because I think USAA should change their underwriting stance on mood disorders, but to save customers the time, effort and frustration of being misled. It always leaves me shaking my head when large, respectable insurance companies allow their representatives to quote low knowing that it won’t come back that way. Seriously, if standard is the rate that ADD gets at USAA, they would probably keep a lot more customers by quoting standard life insurance rates to start with. If a person applies at standard and gets standard they are far less likely to contact me and find out that they can get preferred plus with other companies.

So, off of their case and let’s look at the mood disorders that should get the best life insurance rate class. Keep in mind that we are talking about well controlled and generally mild mood disorders. It drives me nuts when I get a call from a professional who is by all accounts successful in their field that has been rated for ADD or ADHD. Again, I’m not mad about it. If it is my lot in life to help people get better rates, well gosh, it could sure be worse. The truth is that there is no mortality risk to well controlled ADD or ADHD. Am I right? I know plenty of life insurance companies that agree with me and are also glad that life insurance companies like USAA kick these kind of clients in the shin. What better block of business could a life insurance company want than healthy attorneys, physicians, dentists and executives whose only black mark is taking Adderal every day for ADD?

Bottom line. I suppose the other way to look at the whole situation is that USAA has more clients than I do and they make more money than I do, so who am I to tell them how to do their job? In fact I wish them all the best and hope nothing changes, ever, in their underwriting department. If you have questions or have been the brunt of this little game played by any company, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.

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