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For many people with type 1 diabetes the introduction of Exubera, an inhalable insulin, was a break through long past due. From a life insurance underwriting standpoint, it was seen as a breakthrough that might help those with diabetes more easily maintain the glucose control that is needed for the best insurance rates.

An issue for those dependent on insulin has always been the awkwardness, and for some the embarrassment, of having to inject insulin. I have often read blogs, especially by younger people, who have felt a real stigma from having to inject insulin several times a day. It seemed like an inhalable insulin might be able to work some of those issues out.

Diane Rixon who writes for offered a not so glowing report on Exubera and other products that companies had rushed to produce, knowing that making life easier for someone with type 1 diabetes was a sure way to big money.

Glucose control, from an underwriting standpoint, is the best of two worlds. It shows that the diabetes is being managed, and well managed glucose levels are a way to avoid other collateral health issues such as those outlined in a previous post .

Bottom line. Anyway that can be found to make treatment easier for type 1 diabetes is going to help them in many ways. Life insurance may not be at the top of their list, but when they get down the list, it will have helped there also.