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Thanks to Gary Lee, a life insurance underwriter, blogger and much more for sharing his thoughts on this subject. As I mentioned in the previous post, my hope is that other agents can get some direction from his thoughts and life insurance applicants might understand a little more about why I’m so nosy.

Gary shared yesterday a bare bones format for requesting a trial offer and today he will show how to enhance that, always with the goal being the best possible offer for the client. Again, from Gary…..

Enhanced Quick Quote Format

The addition of a few extra details will result in a firmer, stickier tentative offer that has a better chance of remaining unchanged after full underwriting. Think about including details to expand upon one or more of the ten need to know items. Compare the following enhanced QQ to the first example.

Applicant is 58 year old female NS, DOB 12/1/50. Her last exam was in March 2009 at which time she was 5′ 2″ 171 pounds with a BP of 120/68. Family History – Father dead 62 CHD, HTN. Mother alive 81 in good health. Brother 55 excellent health. Blood work in March 2009 was normal, glucose 98, HgbA1c 4.9%. A lipid panel was normal with cholesterol of 200, HDL 55, LDL 145, triglycerides 88. No major illnesses. Last doctor visit 3/09 was told borderline hypertensive with a BP reading of 140/90 and needed to lose weight. An EKG was done at that time and was normal. Applicant is healthy and applying for $1,000,000 term policy.

Any underwriter reading the second example now has more details to render a more firm tentative offer. Trying to secure Preferred? Add the following details to smooth the process:

1. Exercise habits
2. Dietary habits
3. Driving record history
4. Hazardous occupation or avocation
5. Alcohol use habits
6. Private aviation
7. Foreign travel (where permitted)
8. Tobacco – if former smoker include how much smoked and date quit. If current user, document type and frequency.

Enhanced QQ/Trial Application with APS (medical record) Summary

A well designed QQ template or trial application will provide your underwriter with the information and details necessary for a solid sticky tentative offer. If your agency requests the attending physician statement you may want to consider having the APS’s professionally summarized and included with the request for a tentative offer. This kicks up the amount of information and details for your underwriter. This trial submission format can be particularly advantageous with clients whose medical history may result in a rated offer.


The old saying of the devil is in the details holds true when submitting clients for tentative offers. What if you included just one more piece of data to our example?

Last doctor visit 3/09 was told borderline hypertensive with a BP reading of 140/90 and needed to lose weight. Applicant started on trial of Lisinopril HCTZ.

Would it change the offer? Wouldn’t you rather know this answer before you take a formal application and order the requirements? I know I would.

Bottom line. Clients often ask me how much of their medical information they should send if they have things like labs, ekgs, pathology reports, etc. My answer is always the same. Send it all. There is no such thing as too much information. Keep in mind that an underwriter is painting himself into a corner when he provides a trial offer. The more information we provide him up front the more comfortable he is with making an aggressive offer and feeling comfortable about that corner.

My thanks again to Gary Lee for sharing just a bit of his expertise.