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There’s really nothing quite like it. I mean, there is snoring and then there is the snore of someone with sleep apnea, a primal snore of someone fighting for their life.

OK, so that might be a bit too far on the drama side, but the truth is that when you have sleep apnea you don’t just snore. It isn’t just air moving in and out. It’s a gasp for air with a snore attached to it and if you’ve never heard it, it can be pretty impressive.

For years the best rate class a person with sleep apnea could expect a life insurance approval at was standard or maybe standard plus. There was, and still is with most companies, a genuine concern over the health risks that can be caused by prolonged uncontrolled sleep apnea. Anyway you slice, sleep apnea is oxygen deprivation and if you spend enough time without sufficient oxygen in your blood it can cause high blood pressure, stroke and heart issues including full blown heart attack.

But that’s uncontrolled. If a person either has the apnea surgically corrected or consistently uses a cpap, the risks described above are dramatically decreased if not completely averted. That’s why, with good control, there are now several companies that will offer preferred or even preferred plus rates if all other risk factors are good.

Bottom line. Underwriting sleep apnea has come a long way in the last five years and if you have a policy in force that was issued with the old line of thinking, you might want to have an independent agent shop it for you.